Alchemic vibes

One of the greatest geniuses of the past millennium – Sir Isaac Newton, the discoverer of gravity and calculus, was also known to be deeply fascinated by alchemy. Newton based his assumptions about the Philosophers Stone on the scientific phenomenon known as Dianas Tree – a dendritic amalgam of crystallized silver. While most of his notes have been lost, at least one manuscript holds a recipe for the Dianas Tree along with his notes describing the procedure. Since practicing alchemy was illegal in England back in the day it really isn’t a surprise this information never made it to the public.

June in a nutshell

In June alone we achieved more than most projects manage in their lifetime – here’s a bit of a recap of the major milestones: 

  • launched, and became the number one Flashbots powered dex
  • Crucible new UI and Flashbots integration went LIVE
  • Copper – the most open and transparent Fair Launch Auction platform – went LIVE
  • Meme contest concluded with Misty Mouse emerging victorious
  • went LIVE
  • started supporting Ledger and WalletConnect
  • Aludel v1 received its last inflation event on 23rd of June with the launch of Aludel v1.5
  • ChicoCrypto live AMA – Our Dev Nathan, from went on a livestream interview with ChicoCrypto
  • Alchemist and Popsicle Finance collaboration announcement followed by an AMA

Builder Community Showcase:

As part of the monthly newsletter, we will be showcasing some of the alchemists behind all these great experiments – The first one on the stage is Ri.

Tell us a bit about your background/experience/yourself.

Hello fellow Alchemists. I go by Ri. I joined the Alchemist community fairly early (a few weeks after the LBP). At first, I was just passively observing, and a few weeks after that I started to actively build within the project.

I’ve always been interested in the intersection of communities and technology. In the past, I’ve worked on algorithmic curation and clustering of current events based on data flowing in through social media. I’ve also worked on developing a community curated search engine. Aside from that, I’ve held a number of pretty boring jobs to support my experiments.

I have trouble staying idle, and I really like developing and working through new ideas. When I was younger my dream was to become a pro athlete, but then I sustained a serious injury that took a while to recover from, so I went to college instead. I don’t think I’ve ever quite filled in that “going pro” void :), but building cool shit is the closest thing I’ve found to it.

Which projects are you working on right now?

My main focus at the moment is Copper,, which is a way for teams to bootstrap and fund pretty much any idea with minimal upfront costs. I also contribute to various community and governance-related things within Alchemist. My favorite out of those is definitely our community-run Alchemist Radio. Check it out within our Discord. Our DJs have put me onto some really great music and they are true masters of the Alchemist vibe.

What do you think the future holds for Alchemist, what will the endgame be for us?

In the past, discourse about changing and improving our world has been dominated by either creating revolutions and destroying all that’s come before or by reforming existing systems. Both of these approaches have significant drawbacks. I believe that for the first time ever we have a better path forward. We can now build out alternatives in parallel to existing structures and give people the ability to choose the better system. I see the Alchemist project and community as a conduit for achieving this vision. LGTM.

Twitterverse top tweets of June

While in the lab things are not always that straightforward when meshing different elements together trying to transmute pure matter. In Twitter it is pretty simple – likes and retweets dictate the game, below are some of the top tweets in June by Alchemist

MistX Performance in June performance figures from June are below, obviously slightly elevated just after launch but then stabilizing shortly after. The statistics are clearly also in correlation with the general crypto trends and popularity. We will keep tracking the figures and compare them with the bigger marketing pushes going forward.

In all, it has been an exceptionally busy, productive, and rewarding time for the Alchemist community. We’ve built ourselves from nothing into a community of 10000 strong, with a market cap of over $50 million and no signs of slowing down.



Alchemic Builders