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Alchemic vibes - July Newsletter

In June alone we achieved more than most projects manage in their lifetime – here’s a bit of a recap of the major milestones:
– launched, and became the number one Flashbots powered dex
– Crucible new UI and Flashbots integration went LIVE
– Copper – the most open and transparent Fair Launch Auction platform – went LIVE

The Past, the Present, and the Future of NFTs

What are NFTs From the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance era artists were often thought of as mere laborers as they did work with their hands similar to carpenters and blacksmiths. During the Renaissance artists rebelled against this distinction wishing instead to be considered innovators, creators, and philosophers. Centuries later art was mainly made […]

A Quick Guide to mistX Trading

This quest for knowledge and exploring new elements drives the Alchemist community, where we continuously encourage fellow Certified Alchemists to contribute, learn and build innovative ideas and creations – is one such creation.

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